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The curriculum and course selection is individually tailored to each student. The Noah Webster Center partners with students engaged in a variety of academic studies at varying levels of challenge and complexity. Graduation requirements for a College Preparatory Diploma include 23 units of study; including 4 units in Language Arts, 4 units in Mathematics, 4 units in Science, 3 units in Social Sciences, 2 units in a Foreign Language, 1 unit in Health and 5 units of academic electives.



Effective July 1, 2013, Georgia law no longer requires that you submit an attendance form to the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE)  Parents must annually submit to the Georgia Department of Education a Declaration of Intent to Utilize a Home Study Program by September 1 or within 30 days after a home school program is established.  These forms should be submitted electronically using the GaDOE website  (https://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Pages/Home-Study-DOI.aspx).  Electronic submissions automatically provide the parent with a unique 36-character digital signature.  The GaDOE will not accept third party submissions.  Print a copy of this form for your records. This is the only document you are required to submit to the Department of Education.  This form represents confirmation that your child is officially registered in home school.  The Department of Driver Services and the Department of Labor will need this form to process a drivers permit, drivers license, or work permit. 

The school year must include the equivalent of 180 days of at least 4-1/2 hours of instruction per day. Attendance reports are not required to be submitted annually to the Georgia Department of Education.  


Our accreditation rules require that we maintain a copy of everyone's attendance reports.  

To meet all the reporting requirements, we require participation in HomeschoolCompliance.com for attendance records.  This website allows you to file your homeschool attendance records online and automatically provides us with a consolidated copy of all your attendance records. There is a small charge of $1.00 a month for your family. (That’s $12 PER FAMILY).

A copy of your attendance reports will automatically be sent to you, and to us.

There are several time-saving features that will enable you to file your attendance in less than 30 seconds. On the 1st of each month you'll receive an email reminder to file your attendance. From that email, a single click takes you to a pre-filled copy of the previous month's calendar which you will need to review for accuracy (Monday - Fridays are pre-checked as days attended). It also automatically calculates the total days of attendance each month as well as the cumulative days for the year.  

When registering with the Noah Webster Center, please visit the following link and take 2 minutes to setup an account.


If you're already an existing subscriber with HomeschoolCompliance.com you can call or email scott@homeschoolcompliance.com and have him connect your account to the Noah Webster Center so your records are included in the Noah Webster report.


Homeschooled minors under the age of 18 are no longer required to present a notarized DS1 form to the Department of Driver Services to obtain their learner's permit or driver's license.  All that is needed is the Declaration of Intent with the 36-character digital parent signature.  This document replaces the Certificate of Attendance and should be submitted with all other Driver Service's required documents to obtain a driving permit or license. 

Submitting your Declaration of Intent through HomeschoolCompliance.com does NOT obtain the digital signature.  You should submit  your Declaration of Intent using the GaDOE website.


Take this new Declaration of Intent with your 36 character digital parent signature to the Department of Driver's Services when applying for a learner's permit or license.


The process for obtaining a work permit as a homeschooled student has changed.  The permit is now issued by the State Department of Labor and the application must be completed online.  You can find the DOL website at 




The Declaration of Intent represents confirmation that your child is officially registered in home school.  It serves as the Certrificate of Attendance.