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Welcome to The Noah Webster Center

The Noah Webster Center for Independent Studies is an accreditation center offering a program designed to assist homeschooling parents and their students prepare for college. We work with homeschooling parents and students to provide an accredited program of study, making sure that the necessary credits are planned and achieved in the high school years. We are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, providing professional recognition for the education earned in home study. We are located in Woodstock, GA and serve the homeschool community in the surrounding counties.

Our program combines guidance and counseling with evaluation and recognition. We provide guidance counseling at the planning stage to ensure that the requirements for graduation are known and that curriculum is grade-level appropriate. We evaluate the home schooling process and testing practices, as well as proctor quarterly tests, to ensure grades are adequate for accreditation.


  • Testing Schedule

    1st Quarter Mid-Terms - October 13 and 15

    1st Semester Finals - December 15 and 17